malletKAT by Alternate Mode

designed to capture your playing gestures and performance

Passion for Expression

The malletKAT Pro is a powerful MIDI MALLET controller that is designed to capture your playing gestures and performance.  It transforms your performance into musical notes (MIDI data), noticing the details of dynamics, pressure, speed, dampening, pitch bend, vibrato, etc., creating an incredible musical representation of your playing. It is this attention to nuance and detail of mallet performance technique, combined with the marvel of FSR* sensing technology, that makes this instrument so enjoyable to play. It is by far the most powerful percussion controller ever created.

malletKAT PRO for Students, Educators & Schools

The malletKAT KS is the perfect mallet instrument for schools and students, and comes loaded with a full collection of pit and battery percussion instruments ready to play on.  Timpani, bells, chimes, Xylo and a complete collection of orchestral percussion and ethnic percussion instruments are all preset  for live performance or private practice sessions.  For less than a quarter of the price of a single marimba, the percussionist can have access to 15 different Vibraphones,15 select Marimba sounds and a complete collection of all the mallet instruments needed to cover most any musical composition.  What better way to practice in the dorm , perform at a local gig or even cover an entire Broadway show than with the lightweight, fully portable malletKAT KS.

Tyler Blanton  Electric Trio

The malletKAT is the perfect live performance instrument for small group ensemble playing and live performance improvisation. Tyler Blanton’s use of the malletKAT as the solo voice in The Tyler Blanton Electric Trio makes for a truly  enjoyable performance for both the musicians and the listener. 

Gotye: The Human Factor

Gotye takes his songs to the stage with the aid of the malletKAT & Ableton Live. The congenial shooting star and his bandmate Tim Shiel strike the perfect balance between spontaneity and attention to detail.